What’s In That Banner?

As soon as we selected this layout for the WordPress version of our blog I was sure that one of the first things people would ask us about in our comments sections would be the images in our new banner. That hasn’t happened yet but on the off-chance that some of you were wondering but were afraid to ask, here is a list of the photos, document, and map that make up our current banner:

1. The Wright Brothers. Collection: General Negative Collection, North Carolina State Archives (Call number: N.63.9.36). For more information about the Wright Brothers, visit our Pioneers in Aviation/Centennial of Flight exhibit or the Wright Brothers section of the Educational Resources website.

2.  “Commission report on work at seat of government at Raleigh,” 1792.  Collection:  General Assembly; Session Records; Nov., 1792-Jan., 1793; Petitions – Ayes and Noes; Box 4; North Carolina State Archives. To see the complete document, visit From Crossroads to Capital: The Early History of Raleigh, North Carolina, a digital project by the State Library of North Carolina and the North Carolina State Archives.

3. Children playing with dog during tobacco “Putting in” near Wilson, NC, July 1938; photo taken by Baker. Collection: Conservation and Development Department, Travel and Tourism Photo Files, North Carolina State Archives (Call number: ConDev1246A). You can find this and other photographs on Flickr.

Map, Carte Particuliere de la Caroline Dresse..., ca. 1696 - MC.150.1696sa4. “Carte Particuliere de la Caroline Dresse sur les Memoise le plus Nouveaux. Par le Sieur S …,” ca. 1696. Collection: Map Collection, North Carolina State Archives (Call number: MC.150.1696sa).  To see the whole map visit North Carolina Maps, a digital project by the North Carolina Collection at UNC-Chapel Hill, the North Carolina State Archives, and the Outer Banks History Center.