Additions to the NC Family Records Online Project

There is a great post on the State Library of North Carolina’s blog about the recent additions to the North Carolina Family Records Online (“More Leaves on the Family Tree” – February 24, 2010). For those of you who don’t know about the NC Family Records Online project, it is a joint project between the State Library and the Information Management Branch of the North Carolina State Archives to collect and provide online access to a variety of family history materials. Our main contribution comes in the form of Bible records from our collection – staff in the Information Management Branch scan copies of Bible records and transcribe those documents and then staff in the State Library’s Digital Information Management Program (DIMP) load the scans and the transcripts into the online project.

As far as the most recent additions to the project, the State Library has just loaded 249 new Bible records comprising the “A”-“E” portion of the Archives’ Bible records collection. They also added a “copy of a sketch of the New Garden Quaker Community (Guilford County), as it appeared in March of 1781.” For more information about this and other projects of the State Library of North Carolina, please visit their blog, State Library of North Carolina: News.