MARS Updates – Class, Collection, Series

Our wonderful programmer has made some updates to MARS that I suspect will make many of you very happy:

  • In the past you’ve had to do a search in order to see the description of specific records because the browse for “Class, Collection, Series” only served to help you select which records you wanted to search. Now you can “drill down” using the browse of “Class, Collection, Series” and open the detailed description for any level along the way without doing a search. What that means is that when you click on the title of a record on the “Class, Collection, Series” page, you will be taken to the description of that record directly from that screen. You will still use the plus signs to open up “collections” on the “Class, Collection, Series” page in order to move between levels in the records – from the folder to the item level, for example. This update should make it quicker and easier to view record descriptions for those of you who know exactly where specific records are located. But you can still use the “Class, Collection, Series” screen to select specific records to search if you wish – go to this blog post for a description of how to do that.
  • If you are looking at a detailed description from the “Class, Collection, Series” screen, you can use the “next” or “previous” links to go to the next or previous record at whatever level you’re looking at. So if you were looking at a box level description, you could click on “next” to see the detailed description of the next box in that collection. You can also click on the “Show List of Child Records” to see a list of the records below the level you are looking at from the detail screen, just as you can when you do a search. That means that if you are looking at a box level record you could click on the “Show List of Child Records” link to see a list of the folders within that box.
  • Also on the “Class, Collection, Series” screen, the “Revolutionary War Army Accounts,” “Mitchell Will Index,” and “Records of Probate: Wills” have been moved to a grouping called “Popular Collections” in response to feedback from those of you who had problems finding them under the collections they belong to.

The MARS help screens have not yet been updated with this information, but we hope to make those updates soon.