Digital Initiatives and Recent Web Updates

I’ve just added links to two digital initiatives to both our Archives and Records websites:

  • GeoMAPP: Geospatial Multistate Archive and Preservation Partnership – The GeoMAPP effort aims to address the preservation of “at risk” and temporally significant digital geospatial content. Geospatial data layers containing information about land parcels, zoning, roads, and jurisdictional boundaries change regularly. Existing copies of these data are often at risk of being overwritten when updates or changes are made and these superseded snapshots of data are then lost for future use and analysis. This project is funded by the Library of Congress, National Digital Information Infrastructure Preservation Program.
  • Preservation of Electronic Mail Collaboration Initiative – The North Carolina State Archives, the Kentucky Department of Library and Archives, and the Pennsylvania State Archives are working in collaboration to develop and test an e-mail collection and preservation software in real time. Funding for this effort is a grant provided by the National Historic Publications and Records Commission. For this grant, we will work with identified high level offices that produce archival correspondence and have high public interest within each participating state e.g. a constitutional office such as the Governor or the Secretary of State within each state. This partnership involves working with content producers, information technology support staff, records analysts, and employees in the agencies.

The Government Records Branch has also created quite a few online tutorials dealing with managing email, electronic records and other public records for both local and state government agencies. Currently all available tutorials can be found on the Government Records Branch homepage under the “What’s New” section.