Confederate Pension Records Available Online

Confederate Pension Records are now available to the public via our online catalog, MARS. The records themselves are from the “Pension Bureau: Act of 1885 Pension Applications” found in the State Auditors Record Group and the total addition to the catalog includes 6000+ documents and 15,000+ images. All of this means that researchers can now search descriptions of the pensions down to the folder level and view images of the actual documents as well.

To search the Confederate Pension Records, go to the MARS Catalog and click in the check box beside “Pension Bureau: Act of 1885 Pension Applications” [Update, June 7, 2010: this is currently located under State Records, State Auditor Record Group; the MARS link in this post has been updated to the new MARS address]. Then enter the information that you would like to search for in the search box at the top of the page and click on the “search” button. You can also expand the collection by clicking on the folder with the plus sign beside the title “Pension Bureau: Act of 1885 Pension Applications” – this function allows you to scroll through lists of names to find one you might be interested in. When you find a record that you would like to view, click on the lower case “i” in the blue circle to look at the catalog record for the pension. Click on the icon of a piece of paper with a red arrow in order to view scans of the document.