Jonathan Worth Papers Finding Aid

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Worth, Jonathan, Papers, 1831 – 1889 – Governor Jonathan Worth was born in 1802 in Guilford County, son of Eunice Gardner and Dr. David Worth, a descendent of Nantucket Quakers. Worth served as governor of North Carolina from 1865-1868 and supported President Andrew Johnson’s reconstruction policies. The collection consists of copies of outgoing correspondence (13 letter press books) between 1850 and 1869 and incoming correspondence from 1831 until after his death in 1869. The correspondence contains political discussion and relates to Whigs, nominations, campaigns, elections, and conventions–national, state, and county. Other frequent topics are the administration of his daughter Roxana McNeill’s plantations; business enterprises with his brothers and son; legal business with his sons-in-law; secession; salt works at Wilmington; state and personal finances; peace movement; William W. Holden; evacuation of archives; Reconstruction; military occupation; conflict of civil and military justice; railroad matters; swamp lands; and freedmen, among others. Ca. 5,300 items