Finding Aids Posted During July

Here is a list of some of the new finding aids posted in July:

Grand International Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Raleigh Division 507, 1911 – 1921 – The Grand International Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Raleigh Division 507, was a service and support organization. As a “help mate” to the trade union locomotive engineers, the auxiliary was founded to promote “fraternal love, take care of social activities and render assistance to members when sorrow and tragedy occurs.” This one box of records date from 1911 to 1921 and include minutes, membership rolls, financial and other records.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Washington Lodge No. 3 (Murfreesboro, Hertford Co.), Anchoree Lodge No. 14, and Tulula Encampment No. 8 (Pasquotank Co.), 1842 – 1895 – The Independent Order of Odd Fellows was established in eighteenth century England as a secret, fraternal society. The American order was founded in 1819 and began to spread to the various states. North Carolina lodges were established in subsequent decades, at least as early as 1842. This collection contains a minute book of the following: Washington Lodge No. 3, Murphreesboro (Hertford County), 1842-1856; and microfilmed minutes of the following: I.O.O.F., Anchoree Lodge No. 14, Pasquotank County, 1854-1895; and I.O.O.F., Tulula Encampment No. 8, Pasquotank County, 1849-1875.

North Carolina Museum of Art Volunteer Board, 1967-1986 – The North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) Volunteer Board was formed in 1967 by the creation of a Steering Committee under the North Carolina Art Society. A permanent Volunteer Board was formed in 1974. The purpose of the NCMA Volunteer Board was to increase Society membership and promote and foster interest in the NCMA. The collection documents some of the activities of the North Carolina Museum of Art Volunteer Board. The collection is organized under one series of Administrative and Organizational Records, then divided into ten sub-series including minutes, reports, rosters, guidelines, correspondence, financial papers, publications, committee information and related volunteer organizations.

North Carolina Panel of American Women Records, 1967 – 1974 – The Panel of American Women began in 1956 as a group of four women from different ethnic and religious backgrounds in Kansas City, Missouri. The Panel used the format of presentation and discussion to increase awareness of prejudice, discrimination, and racism. An overriding purpose of the group was to foster better race relations after the initial moves in the 1950s toward integration. A North Carolina Panel was established in Raleigh by 1968. The records of the North Carolina Panel of American Women consist largely of written questions from audience members to the panel, audience evaluations of and comments on panel presentations, and thank you letters and other correspondence concerning appearances before local groups.

Olla Podrida Club (Raleigh, N.C.), 1902 – 1998 – The Olla Podrida Club was organized in 1898 by a group of sixteen Raleigh women as a social and literary club with Miss Eliza Pool as president. There were no formal programs in the early days of the club, with members taking turns arranging programs for each meeting. Meetings usually consisted of a ten to fifteen minute presentation on a given topic and a discussion of current events. The collection includes printed yearbooks with formal programs and agendas begin with the 1902-1903 club year. Club minutes begin in 1917 and treasurer’s reports and attendance rolls are included in the minutes. Other materials in the collections four boxes include club histories; committee records; resolutions regarding members, miscellaneous records; newspaper clippings; and program materials.

Tuesday Afternoon Book Club (Raleigh, N.C.), 1904 – 2002 – The Tuesday Afternoon Book Club (TABC) was organized in 1903 by Mrs. J. S. Wynne and Mrs. Franklin NcNeill, largely as a neighborhood group. With a limited membership of 18, the club met first in the home of Mrs. T. N. Ivey on Halifax Street. For most of its history, the TABC has been informal with few rules, officers serving in rotation, hostesses presenting programs and serving refreshments, occasional guest speakers, and dues not exceeding $1.00 a year. This group of general records includes yearbooks (small pamphlets tied with ribbon, 1904-2000); minutes from 1918 through 1995; clippings, including obituaries, concerning club members; historical sketches; and a smaller quanity of material including bylaws, a report, letters and notes, and snapshots.

Women In State Government, General Records, 1978 – 1981 – Women in State Government was organized as a result of the impetus of the 1978 Governor’s Conference on Leadership Development for Women in order to “support the professional development of all women in State Government.” The general records of the Women in State Government reflect the organization’s constituency and its activities in North Carolina between 1978 and 1981. A steering committee of seventeen (one member from each department of state government) and a series of task forces were initially established to govern the policies and programs of the organization as it endeavored to work with private and governmental organizations and agencies to assist women in education, career planning, counseling, upward mobility, recruitment, and other work-related issues.