Project Archivist Job

A part-time/temporary, time limited job is available at the State Archives. To quote the job ad (pdf format), posted on both the State Archives and SHRAB websites:

This is a professional-level archival position with responsibilities for helping coordinate a two-year NHPRC program focusing on disaster preparedness planning administered by the SHRAB. This program, “Disaster Preparedness Training for Depository Institutions,” will involve planning, implementation, and evaluation elements. The Project Archivist position is part-time, to average 20 hours per week during the first year of the project, and 10 hours per week during the second year (hours may vary). Hours are flexible and may require more hours some weeks and fewer hours in others. The base of operations is the State Archives, Raleigh, North Carolina, although travel within the state may be necessary. The Project Archivist will work closely with the State Archivist and the section’s management team, members of the ten-member SHRAB, and other archival professionals.