Stack Renovation Update

Part of the planned renovation for the Archives and Library Building includes the installation of a new fire detection, alert, and suppression system. Because this work includes the installation of new pipes and electrical conduits in the Archives’ stacks, the managers of the Archives and Records Section decided to remove the archival materials from the stacks during renovations. Doing so protects the records from potential damage during construction work while still allowing access for researchers. Space was made available in the State Records Center next door to accommodate the temporary relocation of these archival records.

Two of the Archives’ stack levels are now finished. To make the top stack level ready for the renovation work, staff is in the middle of moving the records down one level to a completed floor. We anticipate completion of this phase of the records relocation by April 13, 2007. Once the top stack level renovations are finished, staff will work on returning all the records to the proper floors beginning in late May or early June. Staff will inventory the returning records to ensure that all are back in place.

All of this records shifting represents a lot of hard work by the section staff. Each phase of the shifting had to be carefully planned and executed to maintain intellectual control of the records. At all times preservation concerns were factored into the shifting plans. We are most pleased to note that during this process access to records will not be interrupted for any length of time and all of our priceless collections will be preserved. We are proud of how hard the section staff has worked to make this massive undertaking a success so far. Questions about the shifting effort can be directed to me at